Thursday, November 6, 2008

The moth that came back from the dead

This is my new moth friend. I first saw him in my bathroom on Monday. He wasn't there on Tuesday. Then yesterday morning I saw him laying on the counter. He had his wings folded up and was laying on his side, so I figured he was dead. Moths are like butterflys so I don't like killing them as they are "nice bugs" lol. So I left him there and figured I would throw him away that evening. Well, when I went to look for him, he was gone! Then this morning he was flying around the bathroom! OMG it's a miracle! He came back from the dead. Or maybe he was sleeping. Do moths sleep? That's kinda weird.

Maddox and I found a new playground the other weekend. Actually, I knew it was there but they just put in all new playground equipment and we L♥VE it! They're putting in new playground equip. on all the playgrounds on springfield and francistown roads. Now that he's walking, it's so much more fun for us. He is great at climbing the long as there are handrails and really loves going down the slide. The playground is awesome, it has all these things to climb on, multiple slides, and all kinds of things to play with. But all Madd wants to do is swing. Seriously!? I mean I'm glad he found something he likes but that's ALL he wants to do! I try and convince him to get on the playground and sometimes it works...but he knows which way to go to get to the slide that takes him to the swings and then runs to them and superglues himself to it. If I don't put him there, he throws a fit. Grrr... He needs to learn to swing pumping his legs...and then both Madd & Mommy will be happy.

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