Monday, November 24, 2008

It's just another manic monday

Woo's a 3 day work week! I love the holidays :-) No really, I do. Food food and more food haha. I need some new taste buds so I don't like food as much. Why couldn't I have been a picky eater so that I would be skinny right now! grr
Anyways, here's a recap of the weekend...

Well, I'll start with court last week since I didn't write anymore after Thursday. I couldn't believe I wasted and hour and half of my life up there. We waited about 30 mintues, they called our name, we got in the court room and got all situated, and he says he changed his mind and decided he will pay the $400/month plus an extra $40/month so he can catch up. Ughh are you serious!? I can't complain that much bc I am getting money.....finally!!!!!! It's about damn time! No worries :-) Daddy is still in the hospital. I hope his back gets better soon. I spent most of the weekend up there. I am 100% a daddy's girl and I hate seeing him like this. Maddox seems to be a bit confused about it. He gets really excited when we go up there. He lays in the bed with his grandaddy and has the biggest smile on his face. After we went up there for a little while on Saturday, we went to my aunts for Thanksgiving. It was [[ awesome ]]. My family sure knows how to cook! We played our favorite fame, Catch Phrase, and Maddox was finally nice to his cousin Victoria and followed her around. It was dark when we left, so of course, Madd fell asleep and went straight to bed when we got home :-) As tired as he was, he still woke up early sunday. Blah. Although, from what I hear, 8am isn't as bad as most kids. I made Madd and Chrissy the dog some eggs and took a shower and then attempted to clean. I was feeling really stuffy (I still am) and tired, so I didn't really accomplish much. That's what the pictures are from. We were playing instead of cleaning. It's Madd's fault. He kept distracting me and wanting me to read books. We went to the Children's Museum with Anne & Tommy after lunch. They had so much fun. Madd sure wore himself out. We went to the hospital after that to eat dinner with dad. He could barely stay awake to eat, so we didn't stay long. They moved dad to a new room and we left after that. Madd got a second wind when we got home. He went to bed soon after though. So of course when I am completely exhausted he decides to wake up at 12am. I got him all situated in his bed and covered him back up. As soon as I got back in bed, he started fussing again. So I put him in my bed and he slept with me. Our alarm clock is in the hospital and mom forget to set the real alarm clock last night as dad usually does that and we all overslept this morning. Lovely. I guess since I took Madd to school, he thought I was gonna stay with him. He was a little sad when I left. I visited dad during my lunch break since I need to go home and do laundry tonight. Oh's 430! Time for me to say bye bye and go home.


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Nina Diane said...

awwww......I love the pic of Maddox with the hat on