Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm kicking you out, 2008!

So another year is gone.
Really? I feel like this one just got here.
I can't complain. 2008 wasn't really the best year for me so I am welcoming 2009 with open arms and a fresh look at life.
I don't make "new years resolutions" per say but more of things that can make me a better person and after the holidays just seems like a good time to do it. It just so happens to fall under what most consider resolutions. Whatever you wanna call it, I'm ready.
I have been doing some major soul searching lately. Like making things good between me and Madd's father. I can't tell you how great I feel now that I've done that.
So that's one thing I've done to make my life better. Also, getting all of the losers that I thought were my friends out of my life. I quit cigarettes 3 months ago and [[ kinda ]] started eating better, which has made a vast improvement in my health. I realized a few weeks ago that I have finally found a carrer that I like and an office that I love and people that I adore working for and I don't plan on going anywhere. I've been here for almost 7 months and I feel that I am due for a raise as I haven't had one yet. I'm a bit nervous because I've never worked in an office and haven't had to ask for a raise before. Being a waitress for 7 years, if I wanted a raise, I worked more doubles! My boss is cool, so really, I shouldn't fret. That's another thing I need to improve for the new year, being assertive and not scared being too proud to ask for help.
Go team Nicole!

I had an awesome awesome awesome Christmas. And I'm pretty sure Maddox enjoyed his as well. I know how much my parents rock, but Christmastime reasures me of it. It's not the fact that they still give us a huge Christmas like when we were kids and spend lots of money on us, it's that they get so much joy out of seeing us happy and I know my mom loves seeing us get excited about the surprises!♥

My parents gave Madd a big wheel and he hasn't gotten off it since Christmas morning! I mean like omg, he is obssesed with it. It is very cute :-) His feet don't quite reach the peddels enough to push them so he pushes his feet on the floor.

I made off pretty well too! Haha...
These are my top 3 faves
This is my new l♥ve. I've wanted an ipod so bad for quite a while and although I knew I was gonna get it...I was still very estatic Christmas morning :-)
My really really warm and soft Aeropostale jacket is my favorite clothing item. I love the fur and the color and um...everything!

And my [[ eTnies ]]
Very excited about them bc I've always wanted some skate shoes, but they are always so expensive. Shoe Carnival raWks and so do their sales (I got shoe money in my stocking!). I got those and got Madd a super cute pair of New Balances and all I spent was $41.95!!! That is very exciting to me!!