Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm baaaack!!!!!

I lost interest in the whole blogging thing.....

but I'm back!!! I have waaay too much on my mind nowadays to not write about it. Ohh and maybe one day I'll get lucky like Jen Lancaster and some important person will read it and be like "OMG she is a superawesome writer. I want to sign her to a book deal!" Ha yeah right. I can dream though!!!

Some random oberservations for today...

1. Why do people get so enamored with celeberties? They ain't nobody. Just normal people like you and me that just so happen to have a special talent. What Kayne did was really stupid and ignorant BUT GET OVER IT! What you think or say about it doen't affect him in any way so don't let it pollute your brain! Which brings me to number......

2. Why in the hell is the president getting mixed up in hollywood ? He was heard, before an interview, saying "He's a jackass." Um you're the president and should probably butt out. You're in charge of this financial crisis and horrible housing market and God-awful unemployment. NOT of the goings on at an award show or anything having to do with celeberties. Next thing you know he'll be inviting everyone to the white house for a party er uh I mean "summit".

3. Obama is a socialist plain and simple. He is another Hitler. When Hitler went into power, who did he go after first? The kids. So he could brainwash them because he knew they would one day be in charge and they are so easy to persuade. Hmm didn't NObama give that speech or whatever to schools across the country the other week? Yeah, I thought so. I am really seriously considering homeschooling Maddox. I'm not letting him brainwash my son!!!!

4. A lot of Chineese delivery guys have been killed here in Richmond lately. Wtf? Are the Domino's and Pizza Hut guys not good enough for you? You're a pussy for killing someone. I call idiots like you a waste of good air.

5. I watched this video on youtube about a missing person in Richmond. Yeah, it was about our so called "Governor" and he's missing from his job which he sucks at. I could do a better job than him. Isn't there an election coming up? I'll definitely be voting. Instead of giving more state funding to things like daycare assistance, he gave himself a raise (that he didn't deserve) and threw a party. If he would have gave more funding to daycare assistance that would raise the max amount of income you can make in order to continue to receieve their services which would mean I could get my raise back at work. But that would be too easy. I want to kick him in the shin.

6. Who made the rule that it's easier to gain weight than to loose it? I want to kick them in the shin too. I loose stuff alllll the time...this shouldn't be that hard.

Next week is the start of fall!

Geez, time has been flying by as of late. It feels like summer just got here. I guess the lack of humidity that we're normally used to here in Richmond helped. Despite not going anywhere for vacation, I had a really great summer. Madd and I were outside most of the time.

We went everywhere!!!!

Maymont, Overhill Lake, Pocahontas State Park, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Children's Museum, Va beach for the day, Belle Isle, and of course the summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to Rainbow Acres!!

Even though I'm sad summer is over, I'm happy school started back up and I know Maddox is too!!! He's made a lot of progress over the summer. He couldn't even walk down the stairs, even with help, when school ended last spring. Now, he's almost doing it by himself!!

He makes me so proud!!

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